sobota, 30 marca 2019

DressLily- New Spring Arrivals!

Hey Guys! Time goes so fast and in one part I am happy about because spring is coming closer and closer. I love the time when I can refresh my wardrobe with new clothes and be prepared for the sunny Weather. Dresslily shop has a new fresh offers with great items which are perfect for this occasion.
It's time to refresh your wardrobe! DressLily prepare the best high-quality but low-prices products for you, make you free under all occasion for Monday to Friday
Here are the new arrival:CLICK HERE
I have few items that I would like to get for myself with great and affordable prices. Dresslily ships Worldwide so its very convient where ever you are based. My first choice its this beautiful Dress. Its classy and vintage looking. It's brilliant for first days of spring. Who wouldn't like to wear it ? 

I love the Tv Series of Friends and this how my love for dinasours began. I have to say that Bikini is so cute! I would love to get one of those for my abroad Holidays where I could enjoy both the sun and cutines.

Boho style is one of my favourites styles of all and it always reminds me of a good weather. It's so simply and so light to wear as well. I love this one for gorgeous back style which emphizes our body shape.

This Tankini Set it's so cute ! It;s very practical as you can wear it beside the pool, wear it casually or just spend some time on the balcony chilling out. Comfy and stylish at the same time.

This tankini set its absolutley fantastic. I love the color of peach which is by the way one of the hottes colou of spring 2019 but also you can combine it with maxi skirt and you can make night out outfit of that . How cool is that ?

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