sobota, 19 sierpnia 2017

Rosegal Wishlist - Getting ready for cold Days

Hi Guys ! So summer is quite officially over, at least but not at last unfortunately at my place. Still sunny on some stages but nothing special. You can feel that Autumn fall already. So it's really time to prepare and buy things for Autumn. There a couple of things I really want to have before the Fall starts. Definitely what I want is Faux Fur in some of my clothes pieces. Also I want some nice big warm jackets which will great for winter also. Keep Scrolling as I have a great selection of Coats & Jackets from Rosegal I am really Interested with!

And who said it that We have to wear dark and lack of colour clothes during the Autumn time? Well I say no to darkness and I am saying so much color to the Lovely Jackets from Rosegal ! Enjoy your shopping Guys xxx