sobota, 19 sierpnia 2017

Zaful Wishlist - what to get for Back to School?

Hi Guys ! So We will have September very soon and now it's all about back to school theme. I must say that I kind of like it. I remember how I was preparing myself to go to school. I really liked the smell of the new books, new pencils and new backpacks. It was great . I have this all in my memories and I want to bring my memories to life with some great accessories right from my favorite shop Zaful. Keep scrolling to check all the products xx

So for my Back to shool essentional are Baseball hat , some funny and nice print socks. Great wrist watch so you can always be on time on your classes! Some stylish and comfy backpack or bag for your books. Also don;t forget about some cute and stylish brooches to style up your look , Ready for School time?